PATENT #5,160,886



The CC815 combines the ease of through-shaft mounting with the high resolution and accuracy of resolver-based sensors. Just like a resolver, the rotating steel ring generates sine and cosine voltages in the stationary pickup head. Multiple poles on the ring generate multiple cycles per revolution.  Each cycle is converted to a digital number up to 2n bits utilixing resolver to digital conversion.  Two consecutive bits are selected which are operated on by exclusive gates to produce the quad A B output.  Line drivers are available for 5 to 30 vdc output.

The magnetic ring can be supplied in halves and clamped around the shaft. It does not require access to the shaft end, allowing it to be used in many more applications than the conventional tachometer.

Code Incremental
Cycles per Revolution 16 to 65536, 2n where n = 4 to 16
Supply Voltage 12 to 30 vdc
Supply Current CMOS + 150mA maz, 125 mA, typical
Output Signal Square wave, with following:
2 Channels, phased 90o Inverted Push-Pull Signal
Differentially Driven
In quadrature +/- 2o
With marker Pulse
Accuracy 0.05%


Dimensions = Inches (mm)

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