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The CC810 combines the ease of through-shaft mounting with the high resolution and accuracy of resolver-based sensors. Just like a resolver, the rotating magnetic ring generates sine and cosine voltages in the stationary pickup head. Multiple poles on the ring generate multiple cycles per revolution, increasing the resolution of the sensor without the need for gearing.

The magnetic ring can be supplied in halves and clamped around the shaft. It does not require access to the shaft end, allowing it to be used in many more applications than the conventional resolver.



Gage Control

Accurate measurement of sheet speed determines mass flow calculation for the gage-control algorithm. The CC810 can provide this information in a very cost-effective way.

Mill Chatter Detection

Sheet-speed measurement can be utilized for early detection of roll slippage allowing for speed correction and avoidance of a cobble.


Currently, all CC810 sensors have custom mountings to accommodate the wide variety of shaft sizes and constraints available. The model number is constructed as follows:
CC810 = ____ - _____" - ______
  1 2 3

1 = P for absolute position sensor, S for speed sensor

2 = shaft diameter in inches

3 = number of bits (810-P), or counts/revolution (810-S)


Space Unit requires 1.5" axial gap to accommodate ring and pickup unit. Units are designed to slip over shaft and then to be locked in place. If shaft diameter is more than 6", multipart units can be designed.

Contact CCI via e-mail or phone for more values. 

Power 110VAC 50 - 60 Hz or +/-12VDC at 200 mA

The standard unit can transmit the signals generated by the magnetic ring up to 300 feet. The ring signals are then processed to provide the digital output signals.
Position Output TTL level (up to 100 feet)
Speed Output A-quad-B differential CMOS (up to 100 feet)

Because a tracking converter is used, the resolution (position) or CPR (speed) limits are related to the maximum shaft speed. 
Absolute Position 5 arc-min (12,000 RPM)

1 arc-min (3,000 RPM)

Counts/Revolution 256, 512, 1204, 2048, 4096 are standard (50 Hz max)

Contact CCI via e-mail or phone for more values. 


The CC810-S R/D Convertermodule contains the following electronics:

1. 110VAC to +/- 15VDC supply 

2. Buffer amplifier for sin/cos waveforms from the pickup head

3. R/D converter to convert sin/cos cycles to an absolute digital number per cycle4. Digital EX-OR gating to develop quad A-B signals

5. Line drivers for long-line transmission

The module may be DIN-rail mounted or foot mounted to a base panel. Once installed, the module does not require any periodic adjustments.


Dimensions = Inches (mm)

  • Dimensions are dependent on mounting shaft diameter
  • Can be designed for small diameter and large diameter shaft

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