Model 520-Heavy Reel Sensor is easy to install and designed for mill applications requiring a rugged sensor. Model 520 is capable of operating in hostile environments and can resist excessive dirt, vibration, heat and water. Readout electronics also available.


Forging Presses
Velocity Measurement
Extrusion Presses
Hydraulic Rams
Mill Machinery
Rail Mounted Machinery
Valve Spools
Roll Diameter Measurement
Damper Control


The following geared in transducers can be supplied:
1. Synchro/Resolver
2. Absolute Encoder
3. Pulse Encoder
4. Tachometer
5. Potentiometer

Range - Up to 60 feet
Accuracy - 0.01% of full scale
Weight - 15 pounds
Excitation - 5V to 24V +5%
Seal - Splash-proof
Housing - Machined Aluminum
Cable - 0.125 inch stainless steel
Speed Range - 0 to 100 inch/second
Cable Tension - 25 to 50 lb.
Temperature - 0o - 150o F


The reel sensor is comprised of two basic parts: 1. Linear to rotary unit 
2. Transducer or encoder unit
Other units are also available such as the film potentiometer unit with 4-20ma output.

The resolver transducer unit is used whenever absolute measurement is required. The resolver digital output representing the actual position is retained through power up/down cycles. The resolver must be geared appropriately so that it turns 1 revolution or less over the entire linear range of the cable travel. For example, a linear range of 100 in.:
100in10 in/rev = 10 revolutions 

Gear ratio for the resolver package is 10:1
Resolution: single resolver = 4096
                 dual resolver = 262,144

Scale above numbers and read out: 
                     100.0 in. or 100.000 in.

Pulse Encoder
The incremental pulse encoder can be used effectively when retained readings are not necessary between power up/down cycles.

For example, linear range of 100 in.:
100in10 in/rev = 10 revolutions 

Select encoder with 1000 pulses/rev 
Counter output for full range travel:

                    10 rev x 1000 pulses/rev = 10,000 pulses

Scale and read out: 
                    100.00 in.


Dimensions = Inches (mm)

  • For cable travel up to and including 300(7620)
  • (4)Hole mounting pattern 5.50(140) long x 6.50(165) wide max O.A.L. of reel sensor complete is 25(635)
  • mounting dimensions and O.A.L. are larger for greater cable travel

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